Investor visa rules will change

February 20, 2017 by

In 2009 the New Zealand Government introduced a dedicated business and investor visa to encourage migrants with capital and business skills to settle and invest in New Zealand (investor category 1 and 2 visas). investor visa

Investor category visas allow wealthy migrants, who invest several millions of New Zealand dollars into New Zealand’s economy, to apply for permanent residency. This category means that some of the requirements under standard residency visas can be bypassed.

Since its inception, the investor and business visa immigration regime has generated NZD 2.9 billion.

Changes to the New Zealand investor visa

The rules for new migrants to New Zealand that wish to invest or do business in New Zealand will change. In particular, from May 2017 the financial contribution that migrant investors will have to make under Investor Category 1 and Investor Category 2 will increase:

  • Investor 1: Minimum investment amount will stay at NZD 10m but at least 25% of which must be invested in growth assets
  • Investor 2: Minimum investment amount will double from NZD 1.5 m to NZD 3m
The investors must still meet other skill and behaviour based qualities in order to qualify for the respective investor immigration categories.
No more than 400 wealthy migrants may apply for an investor visa in any given year.

Around two thirds of the investments made by wealthy migrants are put into government bonds. Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse has announced changes to New Zealand’s investor immigration policy to encourage wealthy migrants to invest in growth oriented New Zealand assets such as private equity, commercial property, new or managed funds in order to provide greater economic benefit to New Zealand.

More details about the upcoming changes to the investor immigration scheme can be found here.

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