International Law

Legal certainty for exporters

When in Rome, do as the Romans do! This proverb particularly rings true for businesses that compete in international markets.

International Trade and Export: Drawing on our extensive IT industry knowledge, LawDownUnder delivers specialist advice and strategies to internationally trading IT companies.With your long-term interest in mind, we prepare your business to successfully operate in a new market. We minimise risks and costs in cross-border transactions and take care of compliance and regulatory issues.

We assist our clients with negotiating and drafting international trade contracts.

We advise clients on international business transactions, intellectual property, international trade law, and investment.

The lawyers and other professionals in our trade practice help clients settle cross-border disputes and enforce overseas judgments. We work with a global multilingual and interdisciplinary team. By doing so, we are able to negotiate directly with local trading partners and officials.

LawDownUnder has offices in Wellington and Hamburg. Through our international referral partners, we help manage the business interests of SMEs and larger corporations.

Areas of Expertise

We offer international trade law advice and services on issues relating to the following:

– Choosing the right distribution channels

– International licensing

– International distribution agreements

– Commercial contracts

– International trade law

– Conflict of laws

– Multi-jurisdictional disputes

– Customs compliance, strategy and disputes

– Export controls and international sanctions

– Cross border commercial transactions

– Enforcement of overseas judgments

– Incoterms 2010

– and much more