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International Contract Lawyers in Wellington

Our team of highly skilled contract lawyers have international expertise in handling domestic and international contracts. We boast international legal expertise that is rare to find in Wellington.

We draft and negotiate contracts and identify potential future issues. Our international contract lawyers support next generation businesses during their commercial journey.

Our Wellington based contract lawyers are experienced in representing domestic and foreign companies in transnational transactions.

Contracts are your business insurance

Work with lawyers that value your company’s growth as much as you do.

Negotiating and drafting cross-border commercial contracts comes with its own set of practical and legal challenges. Once a commercial transaction crosses borders, complex questions arise regarding the enforceability of contractual terms in a commercial agreement and the law(s) which apply to the transaction.

An international contract attorney can help you navigate the differences between common law and civil law jurisdictions. A contract attorney can help you choose a jurisdiction that minimises your liability risk.

LawDownUnder’s contract lawyers will also help you decide whether to arbitrate or mediate a dispute and draft commercial terms that are suitable in an international context.

We facilitate international commercial transactions involving sale and distribution of goods, dealing with digital content or data, investment, and export.

Entrusting an experience lawyer with reviewing your contracts will save your business money by avoiding future legal issues. We also offer other commercial law services, such as IP and trademark law.

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