German Law

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Facts about GermanyGermany just commemorated the 25th anniversary since the fall of the Berlin Wall that once divided the city. Like the political revolution that took place a quarter of a century ago, the digital revolution is reshaping and impacting international trade. Distance no longer matters – communication is swift and instantaneous. Generally, New Zealand tends to focus on the United Kingdom when doing business in Europe. However, Germany may offer tremendous opportunities for New Zealand businesses.

Why should New Zealand businesses consider doing business in Germany?

As the biggest trade partner of NZ in the European Union (EU), Germany is now deemed as a gateway for NZ to ship more products to the EU market. Bilateral trade between the two countries had amount to more than US$ 14 billion in the year ending September. NZ mostly imports machinery and components, pharmaceutical, chemical and from Germany.

In 2013 the two countries marked the 30th anniversary of the New Zealand-German bilateral relations. The German Chancellor, Dr. Angela Merkel, visited Auckland on 14 November 2014, ahead of the G20 Leader’s Summit in Brisbane.

There is great potential for more cooperation between the two countries – now even more so because a free trade agreement between the European Union and New Zealand is backed by the German Chancellor.

Germany is the gateway to Europe

With a population of 82 million, Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world (after USA, China, and Japan). Germany’s GDP contributes 21 percent of Europe’s total GDP. Germany is one of the largest exporters, and it is New Zealand’s seventh largest trading partner.

Germany shares borders with nine European countries making it a perfect logistic hub for foreign companies seeking access the European market. The state of the art transportation and network infrastructure facilitates access to both the domestic and international markets. The 2014-2015 Global Competitiveness Report of the World Economic Forum ranked Germany first in Europe, and third world wide for its high quality infrastructure.

How can we help?

Our German speaking lawyers provide legal advice to investors and businesses who wish to do business with companies from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. We provide innovative legal advice with a global reach, serving corporate and private clients from around the world.

At LawDownUnder we deliver legal services through your lens. With your longterm interest in mind, we prepare your business to successfully operate in a new market. We minimise risks and costs in cross-border transactions and take care of compliance and regulatory issues.

Whether you are from Austria, Switzerland, Germany or any other German speaking community, rest assured that you will work with a German speaking lawyer who understands the German legal system, as well as the German business mentality and etiquette.

German Legal Practice in Wellington

All of us have lived and worked in German speaking countries and understand the legal system, the business mentality and cultures. Our German speaking lawyers are invaluable when the preparation and drafting of contracts requires a multidisciplinary, cross border approach.  We reduce your liability risks and protect your future income streams by drafting watertight commercial contracts such as software licensing, IT service level, and distributor and reseller agreements.

We specialise in handling complex cross border disputes, international trade law, and foreign direct investment that involve Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and New Zealand. German qualified lawyers will assist your business in operating in the German market, and provide you with connections to business partners.

We aim to build long-term business relationships. You can rely on receiving a transparent, respectful, and honest service. One based on effective communication and trust.

Bianca Mueller, LL.M. is the managing director of the German Practice in Wellington. She is a German qualified lawyer and a Barrister (NZ). Fluent in English, German, and Spanish, Bianca has co-authored several legal textbooks and regularly publishes in legal journals on a variety of topics including information technology and international law issues.



Legal advice regarding German commercial law

We provide succinct legal advice on commercial law matters pertaining to:

  • German contract law
  • German law of obligations
  • German inheritance law
  • German trade law
  • German intellectual property law
  • German civil procedure and foreclosure
  • Advice on purchasing land in Germany

The firm also provides legal analysis to lawyers from other jurisdictions on German law and provides litigation services in multi-jurisdictional matters (e.g. choice of law and forum, comparison of litigation costs, enforcement of judgments in Germany).