Often intellectual property is the most important business asset. Like any other asset, your intellectual property portfolio requires investment in order to increase its value and protection to maintain that value.

Copyright plays an equally important role in the exploitation of creative achievements, both offline and online. Copyright is the legal right of artists, authors, and photographers to decide how their own work is used. Copyright may be infringed if someone uses a copyright protected work of someone else (e.g. a book, an article, a song) without permission.

Copyright protected works include advertisements, books, magazines, newspapers, paintings, photographs, movies, computer programs/software, and music.

Most businesses own some copyright. For instance, a company newsletter, product catalogue, a website, packaging, or drawings or designs of manufactured products attract copyright protection.

To qualify for copyright protection, the work has to be an original creation and generally has to be expressed in a fixed form.

You can expect specialist advice in relation to copyright including, defending copyright infringement claims, negotiating publishing agreements, and in relation to licensing.

  • Work for hire issues and agreements

  • Copyright assignments and licensing

  • Licensing digital content

  • Image, name and content appropriation

  • Enforcing copyright

  • Copyright infringement notices

  • Cease and desist letters

  • Fair use

  • Digital copyright issues

  • Copyright issues for museums, archives and libraries


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