CISG and Brasil

Jan 01, 2015 | Bianca Mueller and Petra Butler | Marcial Pons Editoria Do Brasil LTDA | Book

CISG and Brasil

This book gives the reader a comprehensive understanding of the Latin American legal approach toward the CISG. It shows that Latin America is provided with numerous experts who are prepared to deal with and apply the CISG to international sales contracts. Their views are supplemented by studies from outside Latin America by other internationally-acclaimed CISG scholars.CISG Bianca Mueller and Petra Butler

The CISG is presently in force in fifteen of the twenty-one states in Latin America. The influence of the CISG in Latin American legal education is equally firmly entrenched. This book aims to demonstrate that the CISG has a high potential for successful application in Latin America. With the accession of Brazil in 2013, approximately 90% of the continent’s GDP falls within the scope of the CSIG for the international sale of goods. The contributions by several authors, whichare embodied in this work, collectively show that the CISG undoubtedly has excellent prospects for use by present and future generations of lawyers, judges, and arbitrators throughout Latin America.

This work is the result of a large number of people. The editors thank each of the authors, all of them enthusiastic participants in this collective enterprise.

Offer and Acceptance under CISG – Chapter 17

Authors: Bianca Mueller and Petra Butler

Modern forms of communication via electronic means raise interesting questions when considering mechanisms of contract formation under United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). CISG was drafted in 1980 when it was inconceivable that the global E-commerce trade would reach a transaction value of US$1.5 trillion in 2014. However, the CISG still achieves its aim of providing efficient and effective cross-border sales law. With Brazil’s ratification of CISG, the conclusion and performance of electronic contracts will be based on CISG which will facilitate legal certainty with international trading partners.

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About the Editors

Ingeborg Schwenzer is Professor Ordinaria fr Privatrecht at the University of Basel. She has published widely in the areas of comparative law, international commercial law, and the law of obligations, and is regularly called upon to act as arbitrator, counsel and expert witness in these fields.

Cesar Pereira is Senior partner at Justen, Pereira, Oliveira & Talamini (Sao Paulo), with legal practice focused on government contracts, public procurement, PPPs, infrastructure projects, regulated industries, international commercial law and related arbitration and litigation.

Leandro Tripodi is former Editor-in-Chief and current Academic Coordinator of the CISG Brazil Website, and boasts an eighteen-year experience as a tax civil servant with the Brazilian Ministry of Finance.