Design Rights

design rights

Design rights are often overlooked by businesses that wish to protect their intellectual property rights. However, design rights are very cost effective and speedy means to protect products against copycats.

Consumers are becoming increasingly design-conscious. The look of a product or application can be a key differentiator in a competitive market for influencing consumer choice. A good design plays an important role in the commercial success of a product.

Successful marketing starts with a strong brand and an attractive product design. Innovative design attracts imitators as quickly as it attracts customers. Design rights are a very cost-effective way to protect the look of a product, including its packaging, shape, materials, GUIs, graphic symbols, fonts, logos, and mobile application icons.

Design Rights in the IT industry

IT companies have been reminded, through the well publicised Apple v. Samsung case, that the proper protection of design rights is a vital part of a fully integrated IP protection strategy. Design rights complete a sound IP portfolio and sit alongside trademarks, copyright, and patents.

Businesses take an unnecessary risk by not safeguarding their design concepts.

Design rights can help secure your business success and defend against potential imitators.

We help you in developing an effective international IP strategy. We take the time to analyse your design portfolio, and provide expert and cost effective advice in the enforcement and defence of your IP rights in national and international infringement cases.

We help you protect, develop, make money from and enforce your intellectual property. We are expert in trade mark portfolio management, innovation and invention, designs, copyright, image rights and trade secrets.

Areas of Expertise

  • Developing an international design right strategy
  • National, European and international design protection
  • Defending and enforcing design rights against infringements
  • Design right transfer and licensing
  • Design right renewal
  • Design right disputes
  • and much more