Your Investment

Prevention is better than Cure

Legal disputes and liability costs can cause long-term financial and reputational damage to your business.
The best way to avoid commercial disputes is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

This prevention involves sourcing suppliers carefully and vetting clients before agreeing to work with them, as well as drawing up air-tight contracts and licensing agreements. Written contracts are a vital part of any business: if they are not carefully drafted, they can lead to future problems.

Seeking legal advice early on is a vital investment in the health of your business and also to mitigate the risk of disputes arising in the first place.


We save you Money – A lot of Money!

We have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by:

  • Eliminating liability and litigation risks in (international) contract proposals.
  • Assisting clients in making good business and investment decisions.
  • Avoiding penalties by ensuring businesses comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Devising contracts and terms of trade that reduce liability and litigation risks.
  • Assisting clients with online reputation management and mitigation of social media PR crisis.
  • Reviewing and approving marketing materials and social media content to ensure legal compliance and minimise liability.
  • Drafting legal solutions that reduce liability risks and costs.

Conflict Avoidance is Cost Avoidance

As your business evolves your need for legal advice will inevitably increase. LawDownUnder’s innovative legal advice will help you with governance and legal compliance to protect your investment. Solid legal documents will assist you in avoiding costly litigation in the first place. This is the most cost efficient and desirable solution.

Commercial disputes are sometimes hard to avoid, especially if you run a successful business with a growing network of customers, suppliers, and business partners.

If a commercial dispute has arisen, we will help you to negotiate with the other side in order to find ways for the business relationship to continue or come to an amicable end.

With our unique skill set and international work experience, we can offer you an extraordinarily valuable legal service.

No Surprises

Clients can be assured to receive high value for money. Fees will be structured according to the needs of my clients (i.e. fixed rates, hourly rates). Fees will be set out in the Letter of Engagement. We will always keep our clients fully informed about the cost of our services so as to give them budget certainty.

Saving Money

One of the best ways to keep legal expenses down is to be a quality client. When attending meetings, arrive both prepared and ready to state your objective clearly. Think of yourself as part of the team, and be helpful and organised.

As a client, be reasonable and do not seek to contact us constantly for updates. We are obliged  by law to keep you advised of developments in your case, and we shall do so.