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Today's foresight will enable you to stay ahead of the competition. Navigating through uncertainty, change and disruption in the tech sector.

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Your information security is only as strong as your weakest link. We help you mitigate the risk of data breaches in order to best protect your assets.

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Fire up creativity and innovation. We help you protect your intellectual property, including your trade secrets, trademarks, copyright, and registered design rights.

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Innovation-driven businesses must be first out of the blocks to secure their competitive advantage against competitors. Stay at the front of the pack by safeguarding a strong trademark portfolio.

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LawDownUnder is a technology law firm based in Wellington, New Zealand and Hamburg, Germany. LawDownUnder offers cutting edge legal advice that will help your business innovate and get ahead of the competition. We work closely with the IT industry and our expertise goes well beyond purely technical legal matters. In fact, our expansive experience in the IT industry sets us apart.

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Often intellectual property is the most important business asset. Like any other asset, your intellectual property portfolio requires investment in order to increase its value and protection to...

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Privacy and Data Protection

Privacy and Data Protection in the IT Industry: Your information security is only as strong as your weakest link. We help you mitigate the risk of data breaches in order to best protect your assets. ...

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German Law

If you need advice in relation to German law, we can save you the time, trouble, and expense of trying to settle your legal issues in an unfamiliar legal system. We provide advice on commercial...

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Trademark Law

Trademarks are key business assets and are an integral part of your marketing strategy. A well-managed trademark portfolio will help maintain your business's competitive advantage, attract investment...

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International Law

We advise clients from Europe, Australia, and New Zealand on international business transaction, international trade law, and foreign direct investment in New Zealand. We help clients settle cross-bor...

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Technology Law

LawDownUnder helps technology-based businesses in every aspect of their revenue-generating activities. We work with stock-listed IT companies and investors....

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Investor visa rules will change

In 2009 the New Zealand Government introduced a dedicated business and investor visa to encourage migrants with capital and business skills to settle and invest in New Zealand (investor category 1 and 2 visas). Investor category visas allow wealthy migrants, who invest several millions of New Zealand dollars into New Zealand’s economy, to apply for... View Article

Latest Thinking

Trademark Squatting in China

Trademark squatting in China can be a big roadblock for international businesses that manufacture products in China or wish to enter the Chinese market. Trademark squatting does not only affect famous brands such as Siemens, Tesla, Facebook or Apple or stars such as Emma Watson or Michael Jordan but also small to medium-sized businesses. New... View Article

Facts about Germany

Bilateral trade between Germany and New Zealand is worth USD 14 billion (September 2015). New Zealand exports food and agricultural products to Germany and imports machinery and components, pharmaceuticals and chemicals from Germany. There is great potential for even more cooperation between the two countries – now even more so because a free trade agreement... View Article

Making a will under German law

Making a will under German law is quite a finicky task. The consequences of not having established a valid German will can be quite brutal. It is therefore extremely important to meet the particular form requirements.  First of all, a German will does not have to be witnessed. The particular form that is required under German... View Article

How the Privacy Shield works

With the adoption of the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield the legal limbo for the trans Atlantic data transfer is over. The EU-U.S Privacy Shield replaces the Safe Harbour arrangement that the European Court of Justice in October 2015declared invalid. So, how does the Privacy Shield work? How the Privacy Shield works The new regime provides U.S.... View Article

Does your business need a shareholder agreement?

What is a shareholder agreement? A shareholder agreement is a contract between shareholders of a company. Under New Zealand law, there is no legal requirement to have a shareholder agreement. However, most companies that have more than one shareholder are well advised to put in place a shareholder agreement. Why? Like in a romantic relationship,... View Article

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News & Events

Germany bans creepy doll over privacy concerns

The smart doll “Cayla” is a very creepy example of the ongoing data security and privacy concerns that hamper the widespread adoption of Internet of Things. German regulators (Bundesnetzagentur) have removed the smart doll “Cayla” from the market warning that hackers can use Cayla to access and misuse personal data of children through an unsecured Bluetooth connection. Privacy concerns... View Article

End of year celebrations

Nov 09, 2016

5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Join our end of year celebrations on Wednesday 9 November 2016. Come along, bring your best US election joke, and meet the NZRise crew. Please RSVP NZRise represents the interests of NZ-owned digital IT businesses. We believe New Zealands unique economic and cultural context provides the ideal conditions for building an industry that can meet... View Article

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Intellectual Property

Are you looking to take your business overseas but aren't sure how to protect your intellectual property (IP) rights? Download your free copy of the IP white paper.

Privacy and Data Protection

Our latest white paper publications "Privacy, Data protection, and Information Security" is now available.